Camel Trek

Why make a camel trek in Morocco?

In fact, there are many reasons! In any case this is not an approach reserved for insiders. Because the camel trekking, or camel ride in Morocco, is accessible to all. It is a peaceful animal, who placidly accepts to be mounted. Especially when it is drawn up, which is the case for all our dromedaries, one-humped camel. And the Moroccan Sahara, while being more accessible, remains a wonderful area to explore .

Camel Trek

Ride like a  Bedouins

The Bedouin are a grouping of Arab ethnic groups, nomadic peoples of the Sahara , a camel trek is an activity that will allow you to discover the means of transport of Bedouins. Come live an adventure with a camel and a guide who will accompany you through extraordinary landscapes of dunes while enjoying the sunrise or sunset.

All of the treks listed can be changed, extended or Shortened to meet your requirements. Treks can start it any day to follow your needs.

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